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A New Year's Event of Tongji University School of Medicine in 2018 - A Successful Talent Recruitment Meeting & Academic Visit in the Chicago Area in United States

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Now medicine in Tongji University is on the threshold of a new renaissance, and the key is TALENT. During the Chinese New Year, Tongji University School of Medicine (TUSM) has started their recruitment programs in overseas. From February 22nd to 23rd ,2018Dr. Zheng, Jialin Charles, the Dean of TUSM, Dr. Zhang, Xiaoqing, the Vice Dean of Graduate School of Tongji University and Dr. Cheng, Yu, the Professor of TUSM took an academic visit to the University of Chicago and Northwestern University and introduced TUSM to students. Meanwhile, TUSM extended great opportunities to youth scholars for the two top universities in the world.


Based on the meeting schedule, Dr. Zheng, Jialin Charles introduced the brief information and scientific research achievements of TUSM to the elites abroad in the United States. Also, he showed the comprehensive strength of contemporary medicine to them. After that, Dr. Zhang, Xiaoqing, the Vice Dean of Graduate School of Tongji University, earnestly introduced the graduated enrollment policies and talent projects of Tongji University, and he indicated that our school has carried out the important policy of promoting the revival of Tongji medicine by talents.


Three professors announced the Third International Youth Scientists Forum - Sub Forum for Medicine would be held in Tongji University during 2nd to 4th April, 2018. It provides a great platform for academic exchanges and achievements for the youth scholars both at home and abroad. Also, it will enhance communications between youth scholars, strengthen the comprehensive understanding of TUSM and attract outstanding talents to join us.


At the same time, all professors kindly talked to youth elites and looked forward to the future of medicine together. They discussed scientific research, exchanged their personal thoughts and lift aspirations. After this meeting, youth scholars indicated that they had a better understanding of TUSM and got a different dimension of thinking about their life choices. Furthermore, they expressed their strong wiling to return to China and get more information about Tongji University and TUSM.


During this visiting in Chicago area in United States, the interview attendees were: Mr. Diane Wayne, the Vice President of Human Resources & Education, Mr. Rex L. Chisholm, the Vice President of Scientific Affairs and Graduate Studies, Mr. Leonidas C Platanias, Robert H. Lurie, the Director of Comprehensive Cancer Center, Mr. Maciej S. Lesniak , the Director of Neurological Surgery, Mr. Dimitri Krainc, the Director of Neurology, Mr. Roger Stupp, the Director of Neurological Surgery, Medicine, and Neurology, Mr. C. David James, the Vice Director of Neurological Surgery, Mr. Jean Paul Wolinsky, the Professor of Neurological Surgery, Mr. John Kessler, the Professor of Neurology (Comprehensive Neurology) and Pharmacology. Both sides held a deep conversation based on the academic purpose and put forward the intention of international cooperation. They discussed the cooperation of international medical education, aimed to expand the international impact of TUSM and increased the exchange of researchers and student exchanges between China and United States. They also discussed about the possibility of carrying out cooperation between Northwestern University and TUSM, especially in certain world leading academic and research areas, such as nerve, brain tumor, heart, etc.


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