Shanghai East Hospital

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Shanghai East Hospital East Hospital is the biggest hospital in Pudong new area. It has more than 700 beds. Among the 1600 staff there are more than 145 people having advanced or associate advanced professional titles. The hospital has 39 clinical and auxiliary departments. It is also responsible for the training of undergraduate and graduate students majoring in medicine.

In the recent years the hospital has been developing rapidly and its academic and comprehensive strength has been greatly improved. Some key disciplines intended to take the lead in Shanghai have shown considerable strength: Cardio-surgery faculty have developed artificial heartcombined heart and lung transplantation in recent years. The Emergency Trauma Center fully demonstrates the characteristics of integral emergent rescue, and greatly increases the success rate of first aid to patients with multi-traumas; the stomatology department has the world's first-class oral implantation system. The hospital has the largest blood purifying center and ophthalmology center in Pudong area. In the hospital there are over 400 pieces of large medical equipment like 3.0 MTI, 64 SCT, digital linear accelerator, DSA, artificial hearts and so on. The main building occupies an area of 640,000m2, making a human-centered environment and impressing the visitors with its modernization.

East Hospital established the first Chinese-foreign joint hospital--Shanghai-Sino-U.S. East International Hospital; it also set up an East Sino-German Heart Center, Sino-U.S. East Emergency Medical Research Institute and Emergency Medical Center.


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