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Jan 20, 2017 | Tongji University School of Medicine


After several months of preparation, the 2017 New Year Bash was successfully held on the evening of December 24th, 2016, attracting approximately 150 participants from across and even outside the campus to attend in celebration of the festive season. For our MBBS student council, it was a great honor and pleasure being a co-host of such a first-ever grand event at our venue.

As believed that hard work does pay off, the event was impressively well-organized from the very beginning to the end through our concerted efforts with the International Student’s Association (ISA). To finalize every detail of the event, we started to make arrangements at 10 AM on that day. No sooner than the clock struck 5:30 pm, all the entry tickets were given out as to secure seats and a wide array of participants packed into the auditorium. Due to the limited seat capacity, any late-comers had no choice but to stand in the side aisles. To everyones big surprise, the medical auditorium was lit up, for the first time, with a dazzling display of decoration lights positioned on and around the central stage. At the entrance, the darkness of the falling winter night was pierced and the coldness dispelled as a large-scale LED array display along with several colorful illuminators came into sight, flashing, blinking and giving off heat. Additionally, a colorful collection of MBBS student poster stands opposite the entrance drew the attention of everyone present.

While greeting the passionate audience, our two MCs, Niko Papadhima and Anindyo Goswami (from MBBS Class 2015) took over the stage to announce the start of the event. Without a moment”s pause, the auditorium was filled with overwhelming cheers and applause. Backstage, our young performers lined up to appear are mostly the international students of Tongji University from across the world. They rehearsed repeatedly and could not wait to show off their talent on the stage. There was "no doubt" it was going to be an incredible evening. They could hardly stop rocking the stage with the best collection of 20 exotic performances featuring choreography, costumes and vocal improvisation. At last, based on a collective view of a leading panel of judges, the titles of Best Performance were awarded to:

1st place: Nepal Dance Team

 2nd place: India

 3rd place: Shishir Karna (Nepal)

The whole evening lasted almost two hours, during which there were several interrupts by the lucky draw entertaining the audience by giving out a 2017 ISA Calender and a USB as a gift of New Year Blessing. When it was time to farewell, Umar Mukthar, the 2nd Vice President of ISA and the MBBS Student Council member, took over the stage to deliver a closing speech, extending heartfelt gratitude to everyone who had put in a lot of hard work to make the event a huge success. Then Lydia (from MBBS Class 2013) and Tina were invited to lead the audience singing the last song together "Happy New Year," one of the greatest hits of the ABBA, which won a very very long and thunderous applause. The audience were incredibly receptive, and their enjoyment was palpable.


1. One of the best events held in Tongji University so far!!! Never ever have we made sooooo much noise and had sooooo much fun in this university since we came here! My friends and I ran our voice hoarse because of how much we were cheering on our performers. So thank you ISA, MBBS Office and Umar Mukhtar!  Cant wait to see what else you guys are going to plan in the future!!!! #ISA_NYB

- Javaria Nasir

 International School


2. New Year Bash is one of the most successful events organized by International Student’s Association (ISA) that I have been a part of. As a representative for Nepal in the ISA, I was present at the auditions, the rehearsals and the main event on the 24th of December. I am glad and thankful to the ISA team and MBBS office for providing the participants with multiple rehearsal opportunities. The participants got to see the venue and practice on stage, which helped boost their confidence. We were not satisfied with the sound system in the auditorium hall, and thus new sound systems and as well as lightings were brought in. The new sound system, lighting system and the screen outside the auditorium aided to make the event rise to a whole new level. But the stage was a bit small for some of the performances. Moreover, the stage platform was broken in some places and was in need for some repair works. Also, it would have been great if the second and third places were also given some prize. The event was well organized. It could be seen that all the participants had put in lots of effort, the audience were seen cheering and enjoying the event from the beginning to the end, and we all got to see the dances and hear the songs and music from different parts of the world. Overall, the New Year Bash was a huge success. Moreover, the Nepalese team winning the first and the third place in the competition added more happiness. I just hope we have a bigger auditorium hall in the future events so that a larger mass can be a part of it.

- Angela Tamrakar

 ISA Representative of Nepal

3. Special people make happy times.

With these words I start my brief comment about the New Year Bash. They can describe exactly the scenario that was experienced in that room. As foreigners studying and living far from home, this time of the year has been a little hard most especially for those who are used to spend the New Year in family. New Year Bash was able to bring us the joy and the comfort of a party enjoyed among friends. On the other hand to have too different countries on the same stage and in the same room giving their best performance was very interesting not only because of the happy and colorful moment but also because gave us the opportunity to know little more about the culture of those countries. As said by the 2nd vice president of ISA BoR during her speech we should have the commitment with ourselves to learning something new every day and definitely with this event we took the chance to learn more. One important thing to mention is that although there was a trophy for the best performance, the most important thing that we felt was not the spirit of competition but the intention of each group to share the culture and happiness of their countries. It made that moment unique and wonderful.


First I would like to greet the organizing team for their excellent work. The presentation of the event was very well prepared and the sequence of the moments was well selected. It was possible to see the effort of each element of organizing team to make the event running well.  However there were some points that would be improved for the next time like the coordination of the technical part related with the show lights and sound and the selection of the room in order to accommodate comfortably more people.

Summarizing is enough to repeat the sentence that has started this comment: Special people make happy times. To all of you I send many sincere thanks to be such special people and to give us happy times.

- Joaquim Minusse Tchamo


4. ISA has always been able to unify us in our diversities. ISA is a place where we can showcase our culture and experience the world.

ISA NEW YEAR BASH was another rousing success. The event was very well organized. The way it was presented for the audience was really amazing. The whole event was diverse and entertaining. It was really fun and interesting to enjoy performances from different countries and cultures. I was so delighted for the opportunity to perform for this lovely event. It was an amazing experience.

Thank you ISA and MBBS Office and the whole organizing team for bringing up such a spectacular event.

- Eranga Navarathna

 Performer, Jiaotong University

5. In my opinion, the New Year’s bash held on the 24th was a huge success. The few downsides were the confusion of point’s allocation during judging, there were too many categories to allocate points to which brought a lot of problems, and the time given to calculate was too short. It was a beautiful night with colorful cultures and talents, which made it a night to remember. People enjoyed the show and the setup and were really happy myself included as a volunteer. It gave people a chance to showcase what makes them special and unique. It was a wonderful and hopefully next time we have bigger space and the same positive energy.

-Yvette Munee Mutua

 Medical School, Volunteer

You can check out the replay via the video clip below!!!

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