We are looking for helpers!!!

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We are looking for helpers!!!

Are you itching to meet new students and make new friends? Do not hesitate to come and join the upcoming orientation for MBBS freshmen!!!

※ Requirements:

Registered as a medical student of Tongji University (including undergraduates and postgraduates);

Preferably available between Sep 5th and Sep 7th, 2016;

Good health condition; Good communication and coordination skills;

Familiar with campus environment and facilities, rules and regulations of our school and university;

Have a strong sense of responsibility. Able to work independently;

※ Service period:

From the end of August till the end of September (See the detailed schedules later)

※ Volunteer Service Awards:

1. Opportunities in management training

2. Allowances and bonuses

3. Award certificates for the excellence service

※ Apply Now:

If you are an MBBS student, just send a message to Lisa on the Wechat.  

If not, you need to send a PDF version of one-page bio with a headshot enclosed via email at taki20@tongji.edu.cn. The subject line should include ”MBBS Volunteer + Full Name + Mobile Phone Number + WeChat Account”.

Please note that the application will be closed on July 14, 2016. The training course will be organized for all the volunteers as soon as the volunteer list comes out.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact our international office at 65985604.

International Office

July 4, 2016

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