Shanghai Pulmonary Hospital

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Shanghai Pulmonary Hospital was founded in 1933. It is a class A hospital famous for treatment of respiratory diseases. The hospital has 825 beds, 14 clinical departments including thoracic surgery, oncology, respiratory, cardiovascular, tuberculosis, etc, 9 technical deparments and 8 laboratories. Currently the hospital has over 900 staff, among them are 8 doctoral students supervisors, 69 with advanced professional titles. 51 of the staff have doctoral or masters degrees.
The hospital has various advanced equipment for testing and treatment, for instance, linear accelerator, SCT, DSA, ECT, electronic bronchoscopy, Video-assisted thoracoscopy, lung function volume analyzer, automatic microbial analyzer, automatic biochemical analyzer and Color Doppler ultrasonic system.
In the past 70 years the hospital developed the following major specialties: pulmonary tumor、pulmonary interstitial disease、chronic obstructive pulmonary disease、asthma、chronic bronchitis、bronchiectasis、pneumonia、pulmonary derived heart disease、pulmonary tuberculosis、sarcoidosis、pneumothorax、pulmonary granuloma、mediastinal、tumor、occupational poisoning、pneumoconiosis and other diseases of respiratory system. Its yearly in-patients and out-patients total more than 140,000. The hospital has superior strength in thoracic surgery, which has been recognized as Shanghais key discipline. In the fifty years since the departments establishment, nearly 30,000 patients have received surgeries of various kinds. Minimally invasive thoracic surgery and thoracoscopy are used in all kinds of lung section and lymph clearing surgeries. Lung volume reduction surgery used to treat chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is in the leading position of China. The hospital has been granted many awards by National Science & Technology Commission, Ministry of Health of China, Shanghai Municipal Science & Technology Commission and Shanghai Municipal Health Bureau.
Since 1959 the hospital was designated by the Ministry of Heaith as training base for doctors of pulmonary and thoracic surgery. It has partners or sister hospitals in Japan, the United States, etc.

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