Scientific Research

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In terms of clinical technology of cardiovascular disease, researches have mainly focused on complicated congenital heart disease, valvular heart disease, coronary heart disease and heart failure, etc.

Research on the new technologies in oncologic imaging, modern diagnosing methods in neural imaging and imaging of vascular disease is advancing steadily.

Psychosomatic medicine perseveres in the bio-psych-social medical model for years, thus the clinical and technological feature and advantage of psychosomatic medicine and consultation-liaison psychological medicine are formed and in a leading position in China.

In the fileds of lung transplantation, prevention and treatment of tuberculosis, emergency trauma aid, diagnosis and treatment of Children Hematological Diseases、Podiatric Surgery、immunology and development of molecular diagnostic reagents,etc, remarkable achievements have been made in academic research, and distinctive clinical features of each field have been gradually formed. With good development potentials, these specialties are becoming influential.

The school has established pilot models for disease management to meet the needs of society and the models prove effective; it effectively reorganized the sources of community medicine, preventive medicine, clinical medicine and rehabilitation medicine, thus laid a solid foundation for the establishment of leading public health and preventive medicine in China.

Researches and application of molecular vaccine have reached the world advanced level, exerting enormous influences at home and abroad. Breakthroughs are expected to be made in the future.

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