Prof Hengjun Gao




Dr Gao is the professor and mentor of PhD students of Gastroenterology in Tongji University School of Medicine and the director of Tongji Institute of Digestive Disease (TIDD). He is also the director of Shanghai Engineering Center for Molecular Medicine (SCMM) and the deputy director of National Engineering Center for Biochip (NECB) at Shanghai. In 2009, he led the establishment of the Biobank Branch of China Medicinal Biotech Association (BBCMBA) and has become the Chairman of the Branch. He is also the head of Biobank and Translational Medicine Cooperative Group, Chinese Society of Gastroenterology. He is the Editorial Board Member of Am J Dig Dis, J Dig Dis, Chin J Dig, Chin I Gastroenterology, Int J Dig Dis and Chin J MB.



He is responsible for National Tenth Five-Year Plan 863 Key Project on Gastrointestinal Tissue Microarray Project, Eleventh Five-Year Plan Health Ministry Project on Molecular Marker Screening and Validation on Liver Cancer Tissue Microarray), Eleventh Five-Year 863 Plan on Joint Detection of Genetic Susceptibility to Gastric Cancer and Drug Resistance to Helicobacter pylori, Eleventh Five-Year 863 Plan on Pancreatic cancer genomics, Twelfth Five-Year Plan Health Ministry Project on Early Diagnosis of Liver Cancer & Validation and Industrialization of Molecular Marker Group for Personalized Diagnosis.



He has published over 150 papers related to Biobank and biochip on GI diseases both in Chinese and English internationally renowned journals including 38 SCI papers and obtained many awards and honors such as, one first prize of Pudong District Science and Technology Progress Award and four second-class prize of Shanghai Science and Technology Progress Award, 50 patent declarations, the state drug license (class II), Shanghai and National key New Product, 2 Class A of high-tech translational certificates of Shanghai Science and Technology Commission. Besides, He has led the establishment of the industry standard for biobank, tumor tissue array and cell array in China and organized the training in over 200 hospitals. Over 3000 antibodies have been validated using the self-developed tissue microarrays made by Prof Gao group, and some collaborative results have been published in JCO, Hepatology, Gut, Gastroenterology, Cancer Res, Clin Cancer Res, with accumulative impact factor of near 200.



He is awarded Shanghai Outstanding Academic Leadership and a leader in Shanghai Talent Training Plan. Advanced individual in the construction awarded by National Development and Reform Commission. Special government allowance awarded by the State Council, PRC.