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    School of Medicine

    Biomedical Engineering; Internal Medicine; Pediatrics;      Neurology; Psychiatry and Mental health; Dermatology and Venereology; Imaging      and Nuclear Medicine; Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics; Surgery; Obstetrics      and Gynecology; Ophthalmic Specialty; Oncology; Anesthesiology; Emergency      Medicine; Internal Medicine;      Pediatrics; Neurology; Psychiatry and Mental health; Dermatology and Venereology; Imaging and Nuclear Medicine; Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics; Surgery;      Obstetrics and Gynecology;      Ophthalmic Specialty;      Oncology; General Practice

    Note: Doctoral programs are usually completed in 3 years. Certificates of degree and graduation will be awarded to those who have completed the entire course work and passed thesis/dissertation defense.


    Above 18 years old, non-Chinese citizen in good health.
    Applicants for Doctoral programs should have a Master degree.

    Note: Since 2010those who immigrated to other countries from the Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao or Taiwan and applying to study in Tongji University as international students, should satisfy the following additional requirements: the applicants must hold valid passport or other relevant international recognized documents for at least 4 years; meanwhile, in the latest 4 years (by each April 30th of the year of University registration), the applicants must live overseas for 2 years (Living overseas for 9 months can be converted to 1 year, which is subject to the exit-entry stamp on visa.).


    Application Periods
    Doctoral program: 25th Feb- 31st May (for autumn semester)

    1st Dec - 24th Decfor spring semester of next year


    Application Materials
    1. Application Form for International Students of Tongji University with the applicant’s signature.

    2. A photocopy of passport (pages with photo).

    3. The degree certificate. If the certificate is not in Chinese or English, the original notarized translated versions must be submitted.

    * The certificate should be notarized by local Chinese Embassy or local Chinese Consulates (or foreign embassies or consulates in China).

    Certificate of expected graduation issued by education in current academic institution (for applicants who will be graduating in the same year only).

    Degree certificate is required to be verified and notarized documents must be submitted at the registration.

     4. Original or notarized academic transcripts. If the academic transcripts are not in Chinese or English, the original notarized translated document must be submitted.

    * The transcript should be notarized by local Chinese Embassy or local Chinese Consulates (or foreign embassies or consulates in China).

     5. Original certificate of New HSK Band 4 (Total Score: over 180) and its copy for the programs of Science and engineering.
    Original certificate of New HSK Band 4 (Total Score: over 200) and its copy for the programs of Architecture, Management & Economics and Medicine. 
    Original certificate of New HSK Band 5 (Total Score: over 180) and its copy for the program of Liberal Arts.
    * MBA needs 3 years working experiences and the applicants must submit the employment verification letters.

     6. Recommendation letters from two professors or associate professors, in Chinese or English (signature and contact information are necessary, sealed in envelop).

    7. Personal statement. Around 1000 words for Master candidates, around 1500 words for doctoral candidates, in Chinese (Chinese-taught programs) or English (English-taught programs).Study and work experience, academic research achievement, planned research proposal should be included, and individual development objective after graduation.

    8. Catalogue and abstract of published papers, and other documents that can prove academic ability.

    9. Letter of Approval from the professor of Tongji University (If the applicant contact and assign a professor)

    * In addition to the above application materials, the university may require applicant to provide supplementary materials, depending on the circumstances. Application materials sent by email are unacceptable. The application fee is nonrefundable . Application documents will not be returned.


    Application Procedure
    1. Complete the Online Application procedure at:

      the website and print the application form
    2. Pay the application fee by bank transfer and submit the photocopy of transfer voucher with other documents or pay it directly when submitting the documents at international student office.
    3. The applicants can submit the documents in person (or entrust others to submit) or send the documents by post (see address in itemVIII). Application documents should be received by the deadline, or it will be considered as a waiver of application.

    *The enrollment and admission mode of Tongji University is based on the assessment of the application materials and interview performance (depending on the circumstances), and no entrance examinations.


    Application fee: 410RMB
    *Application fee should be paid when applying and the fee is non-refundable.






    Doctoral Program




    Liberal Arts







    *Tuition fee and Insurance fee (600RMB/Year) should be paid when making registration. 
    Bank Account Information:
    Beneficiary Bank
    Bank of ChinaShanghai Branch
    No. 23 Zhongshan Road (E.1) Shanghai, 200002, P.R.China
    Swift number: BKCHCNBJ300
    Beneficiary: TongJi University

    Beneficiary Bank Account433859245525


    Admission and Registration
    1. Please follow your application process in the Apply Online System. Once you were admitted by Tongji, the admission status will change. The admission notice and visa documents (JW202 Form) will be sent off after two weeks of admission.
    2. The admitted applicants should bring their Passport, Admission Notice, Visa Application Form (JW202) to the Embassy or Consulate of the People's Republic of China, and apply for a student visa. Students shall come to Tongji University for admission registration before the deadline indicated on the Admission Notice.

    3. The first year for master-degree candidates and doctoral candidates is a trial year. master-degree candidates and doctoral candidates are qualified to prepare a dissertation only after passing all the degree exams in the first academic year. Those who fail the degree exams will be considered as advanced-study students


    Address: International Student Office Rm.705 Zonghe Building No.1239 Siping Road, Shanghai P.R. China Zip code: 200092
    For exchange programs: 

    TEL: 0086-21-65983611
    For scholarship programs: 

    TEL: 0086-21-65980380 

    For self-supporting programs: 

    TEL: 0086-21-65983611 

    FAX: 0086-21-65987933

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