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Undergraduate Students

    Undergraduate education is the basis for training professionals of high quality and versatility. Tongji University has always attached great importance to undergraduate education, taken the undergraduate education as the foundation, and established the quality-oriented education and compound talents training mode that combines ''knowledge, ability and personality''.Also, Tongji University unswervingly focuses on teaching, further deepens reform in education and teaching, and constantly improves its teaching quality.

    Over these years, Tongji has undergone a new educational transformation for undergraduate program. That is the Generalist-Education-Based System in which majors or specialties are divided according to generalist education, fundamental education, elementary of disciples and specialized courses. Thus, we aim at broadening the disciples, highlighting the attributes of majors so as to develop students’ overall qualities and their abilities to go with the ever-proceeding society. Under this guideline, we have started in 2005 to recruit new undergraduates into liberal colleges, no longer confined to a specific major, thus allowing students to choose their own majors later and better serving the demand of the society.

    We always pursue an educational system that emphasizes developing talents with creativity. All of the State and sub-State labs as well as engineering centers in Tongji are open to the students. To expand the scope and scale of the Innovation and Creation Base, we have invested 20 million RMB on the establishment of the Undergraduates Creation and Innovation Fund. In carrying out “the Campaign of Constructing Creative-Talents-Breeding-Bases for Undergraduate Education”, we have already set up 11 bases of various kinds, three of which are the State-Listed Educational Bases. All these are oriented to stimulate students’ creative awareness, to serve the exploration of a new system of undergraduate education, and to offer students arenas to conduct activities of creation and innovation.

    We have taken a series of rigid and effective measures to secure a high-quality education. We have a Quality Guarantee System for Undergraduate Education to keep and gradually further increase our educational quality, which has received wide recognition and high compliment of the educational profession.



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