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2021 MBBS Online Application 2020-11-24
Arrangements of Tongji University for Fall Semester 2020-2021 2020-09-03
LMU-China Academic Network Virtual Forum 2020 was Successfully Held Online 2020-11-28
TUSM Students Win First Prize in “Tomorrow’s Science and Technology Star” Competition 2020-11-25
Prof. Denglong Wu’s group made breakthrough in precision medicine of prostate cancer treatment 2020-10-10
CHEN Yihan and LIANG Dandan discovered the key regulator protein LRP6 for cardiomyocyte proliferation, the paper was published online in "Cell Research" 2020-10-09
Doctor ZHANG Wenhong gives lecture on "Infectious Diseases, Humans and Healers" at Tongji University 2020-10-02
Vice President of the SPAFFC Visited TUSM 2020-09-27
Shanghai East Hospital completes successful surgeries for eight congenital heart disease patients from Jiangzi County, Tibet Autonomous Region 2020-08-06
Agreement signed betweenFirst Maternity and Infant HospitalandYangzhi Rehabilitation Hospital toimproveassessment-intervention links for high-risk babies 2020-08-05
Artificial intelligence assisted medicine------Xu Yawei team from Shanghai Tenth People’s hospital affiliated to Tongji University developed the world's first artificial intelligence-based early warning system for acute myocardial infarction 2020-07-28
AJRCCM: Research of Wei Zuo Lab in Tongji University demonstrated that the SARS-CoV-2 may hijack alveolar cells to assist its transmission 2020-07-16
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