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TUSM Students Win First Prize in “Tomorrow’s Science and Technology Star” Competition

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On November 16, the selection process for the 18th Shanghai Million Youth’s “Tomorrow's Science and Technology Star” Competition came to an end. The Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission, Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, and Shanghai Popular Science Education Development Foundation mutually held this activity. Since April of this year, Tongji’s Student Association for Science and Technology has initiated the online selection under the guidance of the Youth League Committee. After the college recommendation, the on-campus selections, thematic training, face-to-face communication with experts, and a city-wide evaluation and exhibition, a total of 18 Tongji finalist projects won awards. Among them, there are 1 First Prize, 1 Second Prize, 2 Third Prizes, and 3 Creativity Prizes from Tongji University School of Medicine.

The life science work, titled: "Development and Application of 3D Printed Lung Puncture Guide Plate" created jointly by WANG Yang, DENG Jiajun and SUN Weiyan, won First Prize. The project fully excavated CT image data and used 3D printing technology to complete the personalized guidance of multi-site puncturewhich realized the rapid and accurate completion of multiple lung nodule puncture operations. The project innovatively increases the space Z axis to plan a more accurate three-dimensional puncture path. The bone marker with the smallest degree of movement can be used as a reference, and the puncture site can be determined without CT. The first mosaic needle insertion device to minimize aseptic costs. This project is the first to realize breathing control through body surface morphology monitoring and improve puncture accuracy.

"Research on the Effect of Transplantation Sites on Adipose Derived Stem Cells in the Treatment of Retinal Degenerative Diseases" of HU Chengyu, LA Huanzhi and WEI Xuancheng won the Second Prize. Retinal degenerative disease is the main blinding eye disease in ophthalmology. Its pathogenesis is diverse and complex, and there is no effective treatment at present. Adipose derived stem cells (ADSCs) have the ability of multi-directional differentiation, which makes cell replacement therapy possible. This project compared the therapeutic effect of different transplantation sites, and elaborated the causes of complications such as epiretinal membrane, so as to provide theoretical guidance for clinical application of ADSCs in the treatment of retinal degenerative diseases.

DONG Shengting’s work "Automatic Grading Valve Delivery System" won the Third Prize. The invention adopts the design idea of electric automatic remote positioning control, individualized input of anatomical parameters of patients, controllable grading and staged release of interventional mitral valve at different stages, and develops a new controllable phased release mitral valve delivery system. It is used in the minimally invasive operation of mitral valve replacement.

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