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Tenth People.s Hospital Affiliated To Tongji University

    Tenth People’s Hospital Subordinated to Tongji University (hereinafter abbreviated as the Hospital) which was founded in 1910, is a "Class 3A" comprehensive hospital with a multitude of functions including medical care. It covers 64,780 square meters, with a building floor space of 61,367 square meters. The Hospital currently has 785 beds, staffed by over 1,400 employees including over 100 high-level and medium-level physicians (and instructors), and has a nursing staff of approximately 500 in number.


    Departments and laboratories of the Hospital are well equipped with such advanced instruments as Picker Ct scanner, Phillips DSA, MRI, Adac ECT, Simens linear accelerator, automatic biochemical analysis apparatus, color Doppler ultrasonic apparatus and automatic anesthetic apparatus. A blood purification laboratory, ICU and CCU monitoring systems are being built.


    The hospital has been implementing a policy of Seeking development on Quality Service, on Quality Staff, and on Quality Research and Education. The Hospital is unique in its emphasis with every department characterized by its ascendancy, and every staff member specialized in his own expertise. In the development of personnel the Hospital pays attention both to the improvement of its own staff and to the recruitment of qualified personnel. Multitudes of characteristic sections and specialties have been shaped and an army of experts has been turned out. The emphasis of ophthalmologic studies has been laid on clinical and basic studies on eye surface diseases and keratopathy, as well as clinical and basic studies on vitreous diseases and retinopathy. Department of Otorhinolaryngology has highlighted its special study in early diagnosis and comprehensive therapy of cephalocervical tumors, and in acusthesia. The Department of Traditional Chinese Internal Medicine has mainly been engaged in the study of diagnosis and therapy in traditional Chinese medicine on cardiocerebrovascular diseases, splenicogastric diseases and anti-senility care.


    Shanghai is an internationalized municipality where development of science and technology is rapid. During the recent years the Hospital has been strengthening its international academic exchange. With a widened vision the Hospital has already brought its own banners to people's attention. Joint efforts in medical research has been made by the Hospital in cooperation with such foreign countries as USA, Japan, Germany, Russia, etc., and by the Hospital in cooperation with such districts as Hong Kong and Taiwan.


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