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Yangpu Hospital Affiliated To Tongji University

    Yangpu Hospital of Tongji University, also known as the Shanghai Yangpu District Central Hospitalwas founded in 1948. In1954 it was merged with Sacred Heart Hospital and in 1958 got the name “Yangpu District Central Hospital”. The hospital is a tertiary comprehensive hospital which not only provides clinical services to the community, but also conducts scientific research and undertakes clinical education. With its medical services covering around 1.3 million residents, the hospital is taken as the major medical facility for diagnosis and treatment of acute and difficult diseases within the district.

    The hospital has 31 clinical departments that include internal medicine, surgery, gynecology and pediatrics etc., and 9 medical technology departments such as imaging, clinical chemistry, pathology etc. The staff of the hospital amounts to more than 1,200 and the hospital’s total floorage measures up to 60,000 square meters . The hospital consists of the main hospital, the Zhongyuan Branch and Branch for occupational diseases with 950 beds. The hospital’s out-patient and ER visits are about 1.5 million per year and in-patient services amount to over 30,000 person times per year.

    Yangpu Hospital of Tongji University assumes the task of educating medical students of all types for Tongji University, like undergraduate students, master degree students of clinical medicine and doctoral students of clinical medicine. The hospital also undertakes the training of residents in internal medicine, surgery, gynecology, medical imaging and family medicine for Shanghai residents’ standardized training program.

    Scientific research is one of the key tasks of the hospital. Presently, the hospital has got research projects from the National Natural Science Foundation, the Ministry of Health, the Shanghai Science and Technology Commission, Shanghai Health Bureau and the Yangpu District. These on-going research projects have effectively improved the research level of the hospital.


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